January 6, 2014

A Dangerous Business - Belize

An illusive word at best. 
We want adventures, but we're prone to exaggerate normal experiences to give the illusion of being adventurers. 
I love my daily excursions, I love the moments when I do something out of the ordinary...but even exciting unique moments do not always classify as adventurous.
Adventures...to me...are when we do something not only exciting, but something difficult. 
When we reach out to grasp something that we are not sure we can reach. 
Travel is adventurous to me, because travel is the unknown.
Travel involves placing your physical self in a world that does not know you and you do not know.
I like snorkeling, skydiving, and adrenaline rushes like the rest of the adventurous crowd (despite a current fear of cliff diving that I am still trying to overcome...), but I am beginning to realize that the biggest adventures are not the adrenaline rushes. 
No, the biggest adventures are the hardest adventures. 
Taking one step further then you have ever taken before.
Going to that one place that you swore you would never go to because it is not safe. 
Being scared, but choosing to be courageous through your fear. 
Oxymoron? Perhaps. 
Adventurous? Completely. 
I am choosing adventure. 
Going one step further then I have yet to go. 
Running hand in hand with my husband to a place that offers a world of unknowns for us. 
Not planning on the unknown, but counting on it. 
We're casting off and sailing into deep waters, expecting a few familiar things and hoping for a multitude of new things. 
Adventure, to me, does not last long. As soon as you become comfortable, as soon as trepidation leaves the picture, then it is time to find new sources of adventure. 
This blog will be our captain's log. 
I anticipate a host of new experiences, an expansion of our minds, and a reckoning with ourselves. 
So...here we go, welcome to my unknown world of what happens next. 

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.
Joseph Campbell 

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