April 27, 2015


We are the twenty-somethings of a new generation. 

The post-grads who don't know what to do with their lives. The generation that wants something better but battles with student debt. The kids who put on their Sunday best and pretend it's business casual. 

We are the twenty-somethings of a connected world. 

Privileged enough to travel just enough to never be satisfied. Bound by home and struggling with the desire to make a difference. Discouraged by logistics but still willing to pursue dreams.

We are the twenty-somethings of the western world.

We work Monday-Friday 8-5 and go home at night wondering if this is what the next 45 years will be like. We go home at night and hope that we're loving people enough, working hard enough, being enough. We go home at night and hope we have another 45 years, because cancer has touched us all and we're old enough to know that life is short.

We are the twenty-somethings who are uncomfortable with average, raised to believe that we're something special and we can do big things. We are the twenty-somethings who don't want to be selfish, but we still want to be somebody. We're the Millennials, the Generation Y'ers, the haters of all labels. 

We are the twenty-somethings of a broken world. 

Our eyes are connected to the misfortunes of others, ears listening to the cries of the hungry, and hearts torn by the images we see on our screens. We are learning how to embrace being uncomfortable in this life because maybe this discomfort will push us in the right direction.

We don a faux-confidence and pretend to know where we're going. When asked, "What do you want to do with your life?", we give answers... all the while we toss and turn at night and ask ourselves the same question, settling into a heavy knowledge that we really don't know.

We are the twenty-somethings of a new world. 

We can listen to more new music in a day than our parents listened to in the decade of their twenty-something navigations. Our own neighborhoods are now a patchwork of ethnicities, sexualities, and languages...a sign of old barriers being broken down and a new type of community being formed.  

We are the twenty-somethings standing on the edge of a precipice and we are so tempted to jump

Jump into a bigger story. 
Jump into a world where we can love with abandon. 
Jump into new stories, new cultures, new ideas. 
Jump into the lives of people with whom we have nothing in common.
Jump into the pictures we would have never taken before. 

And we are standing still, watching everything spin around us in forward motion, unsure of our footing. 

We are the twenty-somethings. 

The dreamers, the artists, the mathematicians. The kids who feel so disconnected from what we want to do because we see the world, we see all of its aches and pains and discomforts, we see it all from our iPhone screens...and we've reached a point where giving $20 to a Go Fund Me account or taking a 2 week trip to Africa just isn't enough. 

We want to pour our lives into meaning, into loving, into aching for the hungry...but instead, we sip our lattes and brainstorm ideas on how to actually make a difference.

We are the twenty-somethings bound to debts that must be repaid. We are the adults budding from the cocoons of childhood, ten steps behind our older peers and trying to find the air to breath. We want to be better, work harder, love deeper...but the world keeps whispering, "Be selfish." And somewhere is the gray area between what we want to do, what we have to do, and what the world expects us to do...we have to decide where we stand. 

We are the twenty-somethings in a new world, a changing world, an uncomfortable world...and our eyes are wide open to the challenges that lie ahead...but we want to jump. 

We want to be the kind hearts that keep being kind when it isn't easy.
We want to be the successful kids who aren't enslaved to financial bondage. 
We want to be the adventurers who explore foreign countries. 
We want to be the lovers who drink deeply of life and embrace simple joys. 
We want to be the leaders, willing to risk it all for our fellow humans.
We want to be the fathers who stick around.
We want to be the mothers who follow our dreams.
We want to be the kids who make our parents proud.
We want to look at this world and know that we will leave it better than we found it. 

We are the twenty-somethings. 

April 6, 2015

Good Friday - Our Broken Hallelujah

On the night our Lord was betrayed
Betrayed by us, you and me
For all the hurt we feel and pin on Him.


For letting us down
For not saving us in our time
For not being who we thought He was supposed to be. 

On the night our Lord was betrayed
For lust, for money, for fear
For harbored bitterness and anger


For not healing all the wounds
And curing all the sicknesses
The way we thought they should be healed

On the night we shoved all of our anger, our disappointment, our failure
Across his body
And our hearts were hardened to his love


For being the Healer, the Redeemer 
The son of the Most High 
The Savior we never know how much we need 

On the night sin thought it won 
As it mocked the cross 
And heaven weeped 


For being willing to die to save us 
For having a heart that loved the unlovable
For humbling himself from the throne of heaven 


On the night our Lord was betrayed 
We sing our broken hallelujah 
And remember the cross