April 6, 2015

Good Friday - Our Broken Hallelujah

On the night our Lord was betrayed
Betrayed by us, you and me
For all the hurt we feel and pin on Him.


For letting us down
For not saving us in our time
For not being who we thought He was supposed to be. 

On the night our Lord was betrayed
For lust, for money, for fear
For harbored bitterness and anger


For not healing all the wounds
And curing all the sicknesses
The way we thought they should be healed

On the night we shoved all of our anger, our disappointment, our failure
Across his body
And our hearts were hardened to his love


For being the Healer, the Redeemer 
The son of the Most High 
The Savior we never know how much we need 

On the night sin thought it won 
As it mocked the cross 
And heaven weeped 


For being willing to die to save us 
For having a heart that loved the unlovable
For humbling himself from the throne of heaven 


On the night our Lord was betrayed 
We sing our broken hallelujah 
And remember the cross 

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